last night i was so nervous for my show because i haven’t done one in so long and i was convinced i was going to forget all the lyrics and everyone would just stare at me and none of my friends would show up and i’d have to face a bunch of mean people afterwards but that’s not what happened at all. i remembered (almost) all the words except for this one part of justin bieber where i had to improvise and sing about justin timberlake instead because let’s face it the bieber fever has broken and there were a billion people singing my lyrics that i didn’t even know anyone would memorize yet. at the end i caught two shirts and a bra and felt like the queen of the world and even though i always get a lil emotional and have to curl up in a lil ball and cry for a few minutes after every show, i didn’t cry for that long this time because EVERYONE i invited showed up and all my friends came backstage to hug me and form a human wall vs the weird people who were sneaking back to find me. i got to watch nina sky play (2004 me was so stoked) and there was this cool gif photobooth and lots of fun people to hang out with and i got to meet a lot of really really big fans who made me feel way better. i got to come home and curl up in a (warmer) ball and now that i’m awake i realize that even though people i used to be friends with like to make me feel bad, im far away from them now and they can be as mad as they want because now i have friends who like me because i’m kitty and not because i’m easy to take advantage of.


Kitty X Lakuuuuuutis

I feel like this picture right here sums up Monday night’s ♡CANDY♡FROM♡STRANGERS♡ party.

Fun night.




This isn’t a photo of a girl but click on this photo of Lakutis to see my photos of Kitty Pryde, Chippy Nonstop and Lena Lovesit’s party last night at 285 Kent on Noisey. 


Lakutis on Red Hook Park Summerstage 6/19/12 by hshuldman


Remix featuring Big Baby Gandhi, Nasty Nigel, Lansky, Antwon, Lakutis, Chippy Non Stop, DVS, Kitty & Ne$$ of Weekend Money